IT Services




Jonathan Hutchinson: Founder, Central and West End Service Provider


Alexander Tweedale: East End Service Provider




1 (647) 995-8300




macOS and Windows installations, formatting, and file cleanup


Network setup and optimization (wired and wireless)


Solid state drive, hard drive, and RAM installations and upgrades


Laptop battery and optical (DVD) drive replacements


Printer, Fax, other machine set up


Computer backups (local and cloud)


Cable organization and routing


Purchasing & procurement assistance



Onsite $80/hour weekdays, minimum one hour (rounded to the quarter hour)


Onsite $100/hour weekends, minimum one hour


Remote Support $60/hour weekdays, minimum one hour (rounded to the next hour)


Remote Support $80/hour weekends, minimum one hour


For drop-off and pick-up, pricing negotiable, dependent on services rendered


Invoices provided upon request

Cash, cheque, eTransfer, and PayPal accepted